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More cool and unusual things to do in Athens (Part 1)

Welcome back, everyone!

In this new blog post, we will see 5 more cool and unusual things to do in Athens.

Here we go!

1. The Benizelou Mansion

Want to visit the oldest house in Athens? Then you have to go to The Benizelou Mansion. This Mansion is the only Ottoman – ere residence that survives in Athens. Recently restored and opened as a museum, the home gives visitors a feel for life in the city as it was before the founding of the Greek state.

Alternative things to do in Athens
The oldest house in Athens

2. Try traditional Greek coffee

Want to try traditional Greek coffee? Then Kafeneio is your place. To Kafeneio is a traditional Greek coffee house located in a building that is over 400 years old on the historical Epicharmou Street in the Plaka district.

Greek cofee
Handmade traditional Greek coffe

3. Brettos

Brettos is the oldest distillery in Athens and it was founded in 1909. With their colorful walls and familiar atmosphere, it’s a great place to stop if you want a drink or two.

Alternative things to see in Athens
Since 1909!

4. Athens First Cemetery

The First Cemetery of Athens is completely off the tourist radar. The 170, 00-square-meter necropolis is officially a national museum, as key figures of Modern Greek history are buried in many of the 10,000-odd plots. Former prime ministers, film stars, even the German archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann lay buried beneath some remarkable sculpture.

5. Visit a tropical #paradise in the middle of the concrete jungle of Athens

The National Gardens is free to the public. It is like a tropical paradise right in the middle of the concrete jungle of Athens. Perfect for strolling around in the shade and discovering all the hidden spots and ancient remains scattered around.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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