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Where to stay in Athens

If you happen to pass outside 27 Apollonos Street as it starts to get dark, you will surely meet people taking pictures in front of the entrance of KIMON HOTEL ATHENS, indicative of the wonderful atmosphere of the hotel. But the interesting part starts after you walk through the door.

KIMON HOTEL ATHENS is a value-for-money hotel located in the heart of the historic centre of Athens near Syntagma Square and the Hellenic Parliament. The atmosphere of the reception welcomes you and makes you want to wander around the hotel. The friendly staff you meet definitely adds to this.

Having elements of a concept hotel, the traveller can discern minimalist touches on the concept of travel, it has original artwork in various areas of the hotel, even in the rooms, and has two libraries to which all residents can have access, one of which is interchangeable.

As you reach the third floor you come across the hotel's wonderful communal terrace where one can enjoy the magnificent view of the Acropolis night and day, as access to the terrace is round the clock.

The hotel rooms are designed for the different needs of each traveller:

-Pettit Internal room & Comfort room are addressed to travellers that aim to keep their cost of stay low by staying at a simple but fully equipped room.

-Triple Room is addressed to families and groups.

-Studio With Acropolis View overlooks the Acropolis and the Cathedral Church. The hotel is like a haiku poem written on the cover of a book about travel. Its location confirms its existence as the traveller can find himself in a few minutes at the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum, the oldest house in Athens (The Benizelos Mansion), wander through the picturesque streets of Plaka, get lost in the Roman Agora and find himself again at the Irodou Attikou Theater. Also, as Syntagma Square is very close, travellers can leave for a while wandering inside the hotel and wandering around the whole city.

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