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5 Cool and unusual things to do in Athens

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Athens is a paradise for everyone who loves history and antiquities. It is not only the iconic Parthenon and the rest of the Acropolis that you can admire in the Greek capital but so many important historical sites spread around the city, like the Ancient Agora, the Temple of Hephaestus and the Ancient Cemetery of Kerameikos.

But Athens it’s not only its ancient sites. It’s no secret that the city with its innovative cuisine can offer visitors memorable gastronomic experiences. It’s also a modern city with a vibrant cultural character that takes an active part in global developments and of course a city that never sleeps. Experiencing Athens by night allows you to discover another side of the Greek capital and to uncover a world of elegant cocktail bars, jazz bars, nightclubs, and live stages.

So, there are the “must-see” but there are also the “hidden gems”. Here you can see how you can spend your days in Athens doing some cool and unusual things.

1. Visit Avissinias Square

After your breakfast, you can visit Avissinias Square. This pretty square is the heart of the market, although not everything offered for sale is a bargain or an antique.

Alternative things in Athens
Street art is everywhere in Athens

2. Varvakios Food Market

Shopping for Lenten seafood, Easter lamb, or Christmas pork at the city’s central meat and fish market is a tradition among the city’s residents that dates back to the late 19th century. If you are feeling hungry, you can try one of the old-style mageiria (workers’ canteens) in or around the market.

Hidden gems in Athens
Colorful Varvakios Market

3. Evripidou Street

In Evripidou Street you can find some small spice shops full of color. It’s Athens version of Istanbul’s spice bazaar.

Cool things to do in Athens
Who wants paprika?

4. Anafiotika in Plaka.

Squeezing between Anafiotika’s white-washed dwellings is like exploring a Cycladic village. Indeed, this old quarter was founded by workmen from the island of Anafi. Moreover, be prepared to meet a lot of friendly cats there!

Street art in Athens
Street art in Plaka by Sonke

In a country where public space belongs to no one, creative street artists have taken their art to the streets of Athens, covering the blank, concrete buildings with their visions. If you want to learn the stories behind some of the best street art pieces in Athens then you should join our unique art walks in the city.

Discover awesome street art in Athens
Discover awesome street art in Athens with us

Stay tuned for more!

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