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Best Street Art Experience in Athens
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More than 1000+ Happy Guests

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Among many other reasons, here are the top 6 of why should you book a tour with us:

Premier Street Art Experience in Athens

Dedicated Collaboration with the Street Art Community

Tailored Artistic Activities for All

Ranked Among the BEST Activities in Athens

Immerse Yourself with True Locals

Exceptional Street Art Tour and Graffiti Workshop

What do People say about us?

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Stacy January 2024

This was a great experience! The host was very informative. I enjoyed the stories behind the art as well as some of the history of what has been happening in Greece recently that led to some of the artwork being made.

My friend and I both really loved Kalliopi's experience! It was like we had our own personalized tour of different areas of Athens and the surrounding areas And a cool cultural experience--a combination of Greece, street art, a tour, and cultural conversation! I would highly recommend this to everyone- it's family-friendly, a wonderful experience and the perfect price point. I'd love to go on other tours by Kalliopi! Thank you so much for this break from our pandemic life! 

Ellen February 2024

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