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Why Choose Us


  • According to Airbnb Experiences, we are the best street art experience in Athens with more than 300 hundred reviews and among the best things, you have to do in the city.


  • Connections with the local street art community – Not only do we keep up with the local news but we are also living it. We try to support and encourage artists and have a lot of friends that are street artists themselves. A little step ahead, right?


  • Deep knowledge of our subject – We were born art lovers and we know our stuff. We are street art hunters and this is our life. Also, we are proud contributors to Street Art Cities, a global community of street art lovers, photographers, festival organizations with the main goal of mapping out all the urban art in the world.


  • Time is never an issue with us – Cross our hearts! We are not in a hurry. Our walks depend on your walking pace. For us, every walk is like walking with friends and enjoying our beautiful city.


  • Unique Itineraries - We do not need a script and we keep track of constant changes on the spot. We keep up with the news regularly to include new routes, street art pieces, and attractions and this reflects on our guests' feedback, check them!


  • Small groups – No more follow the lame flag or my hideous umbrella! Remember, we are passionate locals, not a big tourist company. The maximum size of our walks is 8 people. This allows us to create a cozier atmosphere while we try to engage with every single guest during our walk. There is no such thing as a traveler when you are on a journey with us, simply because you won’t be traveling with strangers but with friends, you just haven’t met yet!


  • Enjoyed the experience? You got mail! - After every walk, we send out emails with the photos of the artworks that we ‘ve seen with additional info on the artists and the districts. Of course, if you want to see more of the amazing urban art of Athens, have a look at our shop to see our books. Moreover, we provide recommendations for your next days in the city: unique places for food and drink, amazing galleries and awesome places of interest to help you avoid the tourist traps and do what the locals love to do! As we like to say: Everything is an experience!

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