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6 Greek Female Street Artist We Love: International Women’s Day

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Street art, like everything else in the art world, is visibly male-dominated but that does not mean there is a lack of extremely talented female street artists of diverse backgrounds producing breathtaking street art and graffiti in Greece.

By all means, street art is no longer the exclusive boy’s club. It took some time, but the time has come. Graffiti art is being increasingly taken over by women and girls are literally leaving their mark in the public sphere.

What better time to celebrate female street artists than during International Women’s Day!

If you want to see some of these amazing street art pieces in Athens, join us in our street art walk!

  1. M Koan

2. Simoni Fontana

3. Nique

4. Anna Dimitriou (Canndy Blue)

5. Liakada

6. Chrysolie

We think you will agree, these are 6 incredible street artists!

Follow them to discover their amazing and inspired work.

Don't forget to follow and support the best street art tours around the world. Check the #StreetArtToursWorldwide.

Cultural tourism plays an important role in understanding the places and people we visit. Let's support those who have shared their passion with others!

Finally, if you are stuck in your house and it is difficult for you to travel don't worry, you can join us in our online experience about street art in Athens!

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