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Tapitourgio Square

The Square of National Resistance of Vyronas Municipality, also known as Tapitourgio Square, is the location of the new intervention and was "transformed" into a canvas for another large-scale street artwork.

The creation of street artist Achilles borrows geometric patterns and colors from the traditional carpets and rugs once produced by the historic refugee tapestry factory, which, as a building with special architectural and historic interest, still stands majestically above the main square.

The intervention, which followed the planting of trees in the square, was accompanied by the improvement and enhancement of lighting with new low-consumption LED floodlights, which highlight the project and contribute to the sense of security for the residents of the area.

Tapitourgio Square, located next to the Agora of Byron, is one of the most central points of the city and an important gathering place for all the citizens.

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