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We love murals, so we try to create the conditions for the making of more artworks in the city of Athens and its suburbs. Below you will find information about the murals we have curated

At the invitation of Awesome Athens Experiences, the Belgian artist Wietse visited Athens to create a series of murals, inspired by history, mythology and the natural wealth of Greece.

The Bruges-born artist has traveled the world and his works adorn neighborhoods in Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Vietnam, Georgia etc. The work he painted in the school near the Church of the Holy Trinity in Vyronas Municipality, is entitled "Dive into knowledge". It depicts the fox, a symbol of high intelligence and a characteristic species of the fauna of the mountain Hymettus, diving into books that symbolize the love for learning and knowledge.

The second work is entitled "The baglamas player" and is inspired by the vast cultural heritage of rebetikosong. After the destruction of Smyrna in 1922, the refugees, along with their experiences and memories, brought their culture and music to Greece. The rebetiko song that had already been developed in the main urban centers and ports of Greece, such as Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Volos and Syros was grafted by the Smyrna rebetiko and the musical tradition of the refugees.

Vyronas is the first urban refugee settlement in Greece, so the choice of the subject by Wietse is a tribute to the history of the region.

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