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1st Ilioupoli's Street Art Festival

The 1st street art festival of Ilioupoli was a co-organization of the Cultural Sports Organization of the Municipality of Ilioupoli - Grigoris Grigoriou and our company.

On Sunday 17th of October 2021, early in the morning, the First Indoor Gym of Ilioupoli was transformed into a hub of creation, filled with colour, art and energy!

In a safe place and following all the protection measures for Covid-19, distinguished street art and graffiti artists, inspired by sports, answered the question of how the concepts of movement, speed and dynamism, are an inspiration for contemporary urban art.

List of artists

The line-up includes names whose works have changed the face of the city in recent years.

  1. The distinguished street artist Achilles is known for his wonderful female portraits and anamorphic works.

  2. Alone98 uses art to oppose racism, violence and war.

  3. The visual artist Chrysolie uses a number of techniques and methods such as illustration, painting on useful objects and murals.

  4. Fotizontas, experimenting with various techniques, creates beautiful works on the subject of society, ecology and the innocence of childhood.

  5. Krah with his stunning creatures, who after a decade of graffiti in London continues to blend mythology, pop references and futurism.

  6. The graffiti and street artist Platonas, one of the most active creators of the space.

  7. The self-taught artist Skitsofrenis, active in street art since 2008 with murals in Athens but also in his hometown, Messinian Mani.

  8. The architect and visual artist Thinker mixes shapes, forms and colours in an experimental mood.

  9. Yiakou with his colourful anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures, grafts love, dreams and memories.

  10. Dimitris Meizar, a well-known tattoo artist, creates wonderful small and large murals with bright colours and inspiration from the animal kingdom and graffiti culture.

  11. A magnificent large-scale mural was created by four collaborating artists. Their artistic styles are recognizable and unique, whether it is the minimalism of Onebran, the colourful pop style of Soteur, the caustic humour of Mambo and the light mood of the Bassment Rats an artist really addicted to cartoons.

  12. Canndyblue (Anna Dimitriou), a collage artist who also writes poetry, designs posters and covers for alternative magazines. In her colourful collage, she combines old photos with oil painting techniques.

  13. Fors101 with a strong inclination towards science fiction, pop culture but also various artistic influences from Jerome Boss and surrealism.

  14. 31stillwriting who been actively involved in the culture of the graffiti-street art scene since 1984 and is considered one of the first artists of the genre in our country.

  15. Αlexandra Kapsi, painter and graffiti artist who likes to map the city through the colourful works of art that always make urban routes more interesting.

  16. Boem lifestyle, enthusiastic creator, architecture graduate, a skateboarder from the age of twelve and graffiti artist from the age of ten!

  17. Resk237 with happy vibes, multicolour and cartoons influences, creates some very unique graffiti characters.

  18. Dream Victim, with his wonderful black and white works, is a passionate painter who prefers to paint in abandoned buildings away from any noise.

  19. Epsilon, mural artist, graphic designer & Illustrator, perfectly combines graphic arts with urban culture and expression.

  20. Devoid is one of the most special artists of graffiti and street art, he uses unusual colour combinations and creates dreamy surreal landscapes.

  21. Pati Avish, a poet and visual artist originally from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, lives in Vienna and travels frequently to experiment with various artistic means.

  22. Sotiris Fen has participated in many street art festivals and his greatest inspiration is the exploration of man's relationship with the natural environment and others. Visually, in addition to walls, he creates on canvas and other surfaces as well as installations, sculptures, etc.

  23. Flip, comments with humour and originality on the contemporary reality, creating imaginative and clever works and using techniques such as the remodelling and the integration of the surrounding space in his work.

  24. Born, Komet, Spant and Wask gave colour and urban vibes with their stylized fonts.

Complementary actions

At the same time, there were additional actions. From 11:00 to 13:00, parkour athletes, in a show of precision and speed, stressed that "There are no obstacles - there are only obstacles that can be overcome." The organization of the sports event was undertaken by Hellenic Gymnastics Federation and SIGA "GYMNATHLOS".

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