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Where to eat and drink in Athens

1. Le Greche

In Le Greche you can find one of the best Gelato in the city!

2. Dickie Dee

Dickie Dee specializes in delicious soft-serve ice creams. There you will find handmade ice cream with amazing flavors such as pistachio from Sicily and rose.

3. Enjoy Brunch like a true Athenian

Even though breakfast and brunch were not even popular in Greece a couple of years ago, it has now become a new trend for Athenians to go out for brunch. So if you want to feel like Athenian yourself you can visit the Harvest Coffee & Wine or Estrella

4. Try the best souvlaki in Athens as voted by the locals

Kalamakia O Elvis is voted by the locals for the best souvlaki in Athens. There you will find high-quality meat and it offers only a few choices to keep things simple.

5. One MICHELIN Star restaurant on the beachside

If you’re looking for a posh nosh or something special you can visit Varoulko seaside.

Varoulko sits in a great spot in Mikrolimano Marina - the chef's old neighborhood. Watch the yachts glide by from the maritime-themed dining room which opens onto the water.

6. Yperokeanio

Yperokeanio is one of the best places to enjoy top-notch seafood at reasonable prices. Owned by a sea captain, this eatery sources ingredients from all over Greece.

7. Best places for mezze and Greek spirits

Try Cabezon, where you can try comfort food and enjoy a typical Greek courtyard. Super cozy with relaxing vibes and all you can hear is laughter from the young people hanging out there. Or Louis Kafenio, one of the best—and best value—places in Athens to acquire a taste for ouzo and mezze. Finally, visit Kanaria if you want to understand the way youngsters have fun in Greece. Food and alcohol are very cheap and the music is usually rebetiko (old greek music). This is the same from 1938!

8. Avdi Square

More than any other public space, Avdi Square captures the vibe of Athens. There you will find from the morning some of the best places for coffee and in the evening you can enjoy amazing signature cocktails. Ble Papagalos (Blue Parrot) is a charming bar that looks like a jungle. Ble Papagalos is a place where you can relax in the afternoon only to find yourself still there in the wee hours of the morning. Saorsa is Athenians' favorite secret yard because this place is like an old Athenian yard! After dusk, it’s an excellent spot for cocktails. If you are a fan of wine then you should try the Nelson cocktail (cold or hot).

9. Seychelles

In Avdi Square you will find Seychelles. This lovely restaurant serves Greek dishes with a very nice twist. All the dishes are made with carefully selected Greek ingredients from renowned manufacturers and good quality cheeses, such as krasomanoura from Kimolos. Seychelles is open for lunch or dinner but do book ahead—it’s packed even on a Monday night.

The 25-meter glass atrium flooded with natural light is a lifestyle destination. Ten thousand square feet of pure happiness where you’ll find urban farmers harvesting a vertical orchard, opposite a mural by world-famous Greek visual artist INO. Where bakers, butchers, fishmongers, and greengrocers bring the best and freshest of everything to market and chefs are at hand to prepare your purchase for you to enjoy on the spot or even takeaway. When it comes to food, authenticity is everything.

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