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Snowy Athens: Once every 5 years!

Do you think Athens is always sunny? 🌞

Do you think that is never cold in Greece? ❄️

Think again, we have some news for you!

Living in the historical centre for the last 6 years yesterday we woke up to the rare sight of the entire capital being blanketed in a thick covering of snow 🌨️🌨️.

Cat and Snow in Athens!
The first time our cat saw snow in his life! He was so excited!

Featuring a thick layer of white, fluffy snow, the Greek capital’s famed monuments and neighbourhoods have taken on a new beauty which only adds to their allure.

Snow in Athens
Our neighbourhood covered with snow!

Although heavy snowfall is not uncommon in Greece’s northern and mountainous regions, it is very unusual in Athens, making its snowy monuments a rare sight.

Snow in Athens
Snow on top of Lysicrates Monument in Plaka

Rare Athens
The tower of the winds

Guess what: The Parthenon looks even more gorgeous dressed in white. So, we decided to have a big walk in the city to take photos and share with you a rare glimpse of snowy Athens.

The Parthenon
The Parthenon looks so gorgeous

Acropolis in Athens
Frozen Acropolis

Below we can see more photos of Athens dressed in white:

graffiti in Athens
Nice contrast in colors!
Street art in Athens
Athens murals in a different perspective
street art in Athens
Athens murals in a different perspective

street art by Ino
"Clockwork" mural covered in snow!
Athens street art walk
Nice opportunity to see this mural differently

Kerameikos Athens
White Kerameikos

Gazi Athens
Gas Holder inside the old Gas Factory

Kerameikos cemetery of Athens
The ancient cemetery: 1500 of history

Ancient Kerameikos in Athens
Ancient Kerameikos and Church of Holy Trinity

Ancient Agora in Athens
Frozen view of the Ancient Agora in Athens

Plaka and Snow in Athens
Ioannis Makriyiannis Statue in Vyronos Street, Plaka

Plaka Athens and Acropolis
Stop for a hot chocolate in the heart of Plaka

One of the most beautiful streets in Athens Plaka
One of the most beautiful streets in Athens

Last stop Monastiraki square Athens
Last stop Monastiraki square

Athens walk
It was a beautiful day!

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