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Park Arts - It's a Vyronas Street Art Event

On the occasion of the World Day of Street Arts and Free Expression in Public Space, on Saturday the 30th of October, from 10 am, Karaoli and Dimitriou Park in Vyronas was turned into a centre of art and free artistic expression!

The call of the municipality was answered by local - and not only - artists from the whole range of arts and creation (art, dance, music), with intense presence in public places and shared with us their talent and experience.

After the recent successful artistic interventions that "transformed" common areas of the city, the Municipality of Vyronas in a collaboration with our company as part of the effort to aesthetically upgrade the public space, co-organized the Park Arts event in which participated a lot of established and emerging artists of street art and graffiti:

At the same time, the dance & performance group pARTypeople (Marina Mariola, Triantaphylennia Kosmidou, Sofia Lambrou, George Kassalias), Andromeda Psarou (performance & street keys piano) and Giannis Panteleios (song & guitar) took part in the event.

The World Day of Street Art and Free Expression in Public Space, started in 2007 in France, at the initiative of the Federation of Street Artists (Federation des Arts de LaRue) and since then has been celebrated every year on the last Saturday in October, in many countries of the world.

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