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Travel virtually with Athens Street Art

If you want to be impressed by the amazing street art in Athens and to learn also the stories behind them, but it is impossible to travel you can join us in this virtual walk about the street art of the city.

In this online experience, you will learn all about the history and the evolution of street art in Athens and also you will learn the stories and a lot of the making of about some of the most iconic small and large masterpieces around the streets.

So, grab your devices and let us bring the Athenian urban art to your comfortable home!

One more thing! If you are lucky enough you will have the opportunity to meet our two Athenian cats -with the Attica accent - who are also street art lovers but big sleepers at the most!


If you can’t see your desired time, just reach us out to request one that works better for you. See you online!

Connect with people from all around the world and learn something new in the oldest still inhabited city in Europe!

60  minutes | 1 – 10 people | Private Groups Available

Group Size

1- 10 people

Private Groups Available

Time Needed

60 minutes 


March 2021

March 2021

March 2021

March 2021

March 2021

Kalliopi and Thomas did a lovely job sharing the stories of Athens and its street art with all of us. We had a group of 9 join to celebrate our daughter's 15th birthday and they personalised the experience in very special ways. The actual tour was quite interesting and kept the right pace with storytelling, videos, and interesting insights about this aspect of Greek culture. We hope to meet when we make it to Greece one day and see many of these lovely works of art in person!

This is a wonderful experience getting to know the street art of Athens. The presenter is knowledgeable and fun to listen to as well as having a pleasant personality. I would highly recommend this virtual experience.

A fascinating journey through the streets of Athens and its talented street artists. Kalliopi is very passionate about the art and her love of it shines through her experience. I was totally blown away at how incredible the art is, especially in areas where one would expect to see nothing special on buildings, as with the disused and abandoned buildings. The message that these beautiful artwork convey is very powerful. I was also blown away at how quickly the artists can do these extensive pieces. Thank you Kalliopi, I really enjoyed the experience.

What a lovely hour in Athens! I saw some wonderful pieces of street art and learned some of the history and theory behind their design. I think I will appreciate street art more than I have in the past. Kalliopi's presentation was well paced and thoughtfully presented. She was friendly and knowledgeable about her subject. Recommend!

Kalliopi is such a huge street art lover. The level of detail and effort she puts in to this experience is exceptional and her passion for the art form really shines throughout. I loved learning different street art techniques and knowing the history of the paintings while we hopped from one neighborhood to the other in Greece. I highly recommend this experience!

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