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Athens Virtual Team Building Activity

In this interactive street art adventure, you will unlock the alternative side of the oldest still inhabited city in Europe. It is fully interactive, with amazing photos, videos, chat and quizzes!

Join us for an interactive virtual walk around six alternative Athenian neighbourhoods, where you will learn about the history and evolution of Athen’s street art and culture. You’ll hear the inside stories of some of the most iconic masterpieces, both large and small, and learn about real Athens, beyond the tourist spots and famous antiquities.

If you can’t see your desired time, just reach out to request one that works better for you. See you online!

Connect with your team, laugh, and learn something new in the oldest still inhabited city in Europe!

60 to 90 minutes | 2 – 300+ people

Group Size

3- 300+ people

Time Needed

60 minutes Extensions to 90


I never realized the importance of street art until this experience! All the years I have seen street art and just thought of it as.... well street painting by individuals with nothing better to do than paint on walls and buildings! What an eye opening experience this was! I will definitely look at street art with a different eye!


February 2021

This was our first virtual experience and it turned out to be amazing. A big thanks to Kalliopi for beautifully taking us through Athens street art. The tour was very well organized, interactive and interesting. A big thanks to Kalliopi again and we will love to try more experience in future now....!!!


February 2021

My students took this virtual experience, and they came back and had a ton to talk about! They went with their job coach, so I am posting their reviews of the trip below: Job Coach: I enjoyed the virtual trip to Greece! I enjoyed seeing the artwork in the streets and the pictures Kalliopi showed me of Athens was beautiful! I like the fact that she allowed the students to ask questions about Greece. She was enthusiastic during the trip. I highly recommend this trip to other people! Thank you very much for coordinating this trip for us! Student 1: Dear Kalliopi, Thank you for taking the time to show everything of Greece. I would like to share with you some of my favorite experiences. I really enjoyed seeing the street art. I think the art looks great, especially the painting of a hand with a rose by the artist Simple G. I liked it because of how the hand is holding up a flower and I can't believe it took only 3 hours to complete it. I appreciated how you presented the artist creating work for the festival. I would like to see more of the ancient buildings and architecture. Your passion and knowledge about this subject created a much more pleasurable experience. I liked that interaction with the questions. and also the music that was provided during the visual tour. Thank you again. Student 2: I really enjoyed my virtual trip to Greece. I like the street paintings. My favorite painting is the praying hands. Also, I like the story of the brave dog. I saw the ancient temple. I learned about the history of ancient Greece. I enjoyed working with Kalliopi because she is a nice young lady. She taught me some things about Greece. I would like to thank you for arranging the virtual trip to Greece.


February 2021

This was a fantastic virtual tour of Athens for our group of professionals. Kalliopi and Thomas were exceptionally knowledgeable and kind. Their passion and expertise in their field was evident right from the start. It was a pleasure to see Athens from a modern perspective and to learn about the hidden messages in the street art of various neighbourhoods in Athens. Kalliopi and Thomas were exceptionally organized, even leaving some time at the end to answer every single question we had. If you're looking for a way to virtually walk the streets of Athens and learn about its people and culture, this is definitely it.


December 2020

I booked this experience for a team holiday "party" and it was extremely well received. Overall everyone said it was a nice break from their day-to-day work and a nice change of scenery. Kalliopi and Thomas were excellent guides, full of interesting facts and knowledge, and they of course have a great dynamic. I can't wait for this pandemic to be over to go to Greece and do their tour in person.


March 2021

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